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About Us
Founded in 1998, is one of the largest fashion and entertainment websites providing information from emerging technologies to the hottest celebrity dirt. In fact, we are adding new and fresh articles to the website at near breakneck speeds, and we’d like nothing more than to make your brand a part of it. is, quite simply, the best site at which to target both genders. Advertisers love because of its low-rate ad rates. But inexpensive ad rates without good demographics on an irrelevant site are useless. That is why takes pride in offering advertisers economical, effective and uncomplicated ways to promote their product or brand.

Why Advertise?
You have some impressive advantages. For one, you can select channels that are specific to your demographics, giving you more bangs for your bucks. Secondly, all the articles on showcase original content, not some mishmash of previous run material. And finally, the environment is safe and track able. Every channel is managed by, so you can rest assured your readers will feel comfort in the authenticity, quality and consistency of any channel they visit across the

  • One of the largest online magazines
  • Excellent demographics
  • Flexibility on ad campaign, budget, creative details
  • Low-priced ad rates

"Some companies only use CPC models or pay-per-search means of advertising. That is the wrong approach. If all online marketing were measured strictly on the immediate, post-click conversion, nobody would spend another dollar. The reality of good marketing strategy is clear: People enter a market for most products or services at a variety of stages in their personal buying cycle. If you target only those people who have done their research and are ready to buy, right now, you will miss the majority of your market." – Najam-us-Sahar, CEO of has built its reputation on providing compelling content for a captive and affluent reader base. The website's layout, reputation of integrity, global reach, and user demographics make it a goldmine for any advertiser who wants to promote a new product, build a brand, or acquire a new clientele. is flexible regarding advertiser demands, and works closely with all its clients to ensure that their ad campaign reaps the best possible results. takes pride in being in close contact with advertisers. deals with clients promptly and adjusts campaigns as the need arises.

Readers that push trends:
Standing on the cusp of every trend, readers are not your ordinary audience. They are passionate about what interest them, and are not afraid to voice that passion. That strong voice makes readers influential members of society, pushing trends and making stars out of brands. So if you’re looking to get your brand in front of consumers that really matter, there’s no better place than the online magazine.

What is’s traffic?'s traffic stands at over 64 million readers/visitors a month (as of July 2008), which produces 45 million page views. Its average user spends nearly 21 minutes on the site every visit, browsing through over 2,000 features.

What this means to the advertiser is that has loyal readers, and an advertisement on any page does not go unnoticed.

What it also means is that you will have access to more "eyeballs" on than you would in any print magazine. Only a handful of print magazines have a circulation of 1 million; has more than 64 million readers, with the accuracy of online reports to track exactly how many people view your ad.

Latest stats (July 2008):
Monthly Unique Readers/Visitors: Over 64 million
Monthly Page Views: 1,540 million
Monthly Search Tool Volume: 3.37 million queries
Singles’ bar Members: 6.28 million
Newsletter Subscribers: 4.77 million

Where does get exposure from?’s reach far exceeds the biggest portals. It has over 8,000 different sites linking to it, with major search engines like Google, AOL, MSN, Looksmart, Yahoo, Dmoz, Ask, Overture, Lycos, Sprinks, HotBot, Ahha, Netscape, Findwhat, Altavista, Inktomi, and Knoodle are sending thousands of new readers over to the site every day, which in return, gives advertisers fresh daily exposure to new users. Readers hail from over 150 countries.
Marketing deals with firms like Overture, Altavista, Google etc. also ensure that continues to look forward and build its audience base, as well as increase exposure to its advertisers.

What are's demographics?

41% are men -- the remaining 59% are inquisitive and curious women seeking to discover more health, beauty, entertainment, men, gossips, music and online businesses.

Other highlights:

  • 91% are over 18
  • 69% are between 21 and 49 years of age
  • 43% earn US$40,000 or more per annum
  • 41.15% are married
  • 26.14% have children
  • 88% went to college
  • 78.2% are computer literate
  • 31.4% have their own homes
  • 46.38% are in services
  • 27.83% have their own businesses
  • 9.69% are on managerial positions
  • 4.56% are in government services
  • 21.26% are decision makers
  • 13% are related to manufacturing field
  • 5.13% are related to retail business
  • 1.71% are related to medical fields
  • 2.11% are engineers
  • 2.14% are related to advertising & print industry
  • 41.23% are regular online shoppers
  • 2.89% are rare online shoppers
  • 27.74% are interested in fashion and style accessories
  • 9.17% are interested in lifestyle products
  • 7.43% living away from their homeland
  • 68.15% have bank accounts
  • 92.8% have mobile phones
  • 63.47% are fast food lovers
  • 35.11% play sports or do other recreation activities
  • 3.89% are taking medicines
  • 11.23% are smokers
  • 3.89% wanted to quit smoking
  • 33.31% fly domestically
  • 21.76% fly internationally
  • 45.13 travelled in train and other transports domestically
  • 79.13% discovered while searching for music, entertainment and fashion resources
  • 77.85% discovered through search engines
  • 11.83% heard about from a friend
  • 3.28% heard about in magazines, articles and TV programmes

What is the minimum spending budget?
Unlike most major websites, does not enforce a minimum spending budget regarding its advertisers. Let Mag4you know what your target budget is via email and our professional staff will craft a marketing plan catered to your needs.

What kind of ads does accept? is very flexible with ad campaign proposals. The site offers a variety of ad formats and sizes, including rich media. Advertisers can run Interstitials, or even pop-under. Costs do vary for each format, however.'s standard banner ad sizes are 468x60, 120x60, 125x125, 120x600, 300x300, and 400x400. also provides a variety of other venues that advertisers may take, including:

  • Text links
  • Rich media
  • Advertorials (sponsored articles)
  • Newsletter ads
  • Recommended product boxes
  • Site of The Day
  • Sponsorship packages (includes surveys or questions)
  • Buttons has also helped quite a few upstart websites build valuable brand awareness, acquire traffic and generate leads and sales.

Where can I put my ad?'s most popular ad campaigns run on 5 main ad slots:

  • The top and bottom of the page - 468x60 banner
  • The right-side - 120x600 skyscraper
  • Amid the inside page – 300 x 300 and 400 x 400 banner
  • Right-side skyscraper - 120x600 banner
  • Top-right text links on each page

Can I promote my product through an article?
Yes. publishes sponsored articles commonly referred to as advertorials, which serve to give advertisers the opportunity to use an article format to promote their product or brand. The article is clearly marked as being sponsored to protect readers as well as the advertiser, and may be written by a author or the advertiser.

If you would like to make further enquiries, contact

London, U.K
Phone: +44 (0) 208 123-9630
Fax: +44 (0) 870 912 6781
New York, U.S.A
Phone: +1 (585) 638-3223
Fax: +1 (801) 340-6590


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