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Choosing the Right Exercise Workout Routine

Magazines are littered with ideas for your exercise workout routine. Your Doctor may have handed you a few ideas to consider. You can find thousands of books which explain exercise plans. How are you supposed to choose the right one for you?

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Evaluate Every Exercise Workout Routine with Your Goals in Mind

What is your real goal for exercising? A few of the common goals people list include:

More Energy
Getting Stronger
Lose Weight
Add Muscle
Reshape Your Body
Better Cardiovascular Health
Increase Endurance
Increased Flexibility
Better Performance in Sports

Those are just a few of the goals, but consider how different the needs can be. If someone wants to add strength and muscle they will not want to use an exercise workout routine which includes high repetition aerobics, running, or other high endurance routines. They need a plan which maximizes muscle stress which is usually lifting heavy weights using a power-lifting or bodybuilding style workout routine.

The opposite can be said about someone wanting to improve their cardiovascular health and endurance. They probably should not focus on workout routines which are designed to increase muscle mass and overall strength as the primary goal. They should select aerobics classes, running, walking, and other endurance activities which raise the heart rate and can be maintained for 30 minutes to an hour.

Bringing the Best of All Fitness Worlds Together
There is one movement within the fitness world which is attempting to bring all of the benefits of different exercise workout routines under one plan. This movement is called CrossFit and takes elements from almost every type of exercise workout routine and integrates it into workouts of the day.

The theory behind CrossFit is to never focus on one aspect of fitness, but to work on all elements as part of your long term plan. The workouts encompass weight lifting, running, swimming, stretching, and almost every style of movement you can imagine.

These types of all encompassing plans will not give you peak strength, peak endurance, or the maximum flexibility. What they provide is balance in all areas to allow you to perform in sports or everyday life in almost any capacity. You have the stamina to play endurance sports. You will have the strength to participate in power sports. These plans are not ideal for everyone, but are a good alternative for someone seeking well-rounded performance in all areas.

Choosing the Right Plan for Weight Loss
Many people will suggest losing weight requires an exercise workout routine which is focused on aerobics or endurance exercise. This advice is okay, but is not the ideal. To get the highest levels of fat loss in the shortest amount of time requires adding muscle and increasing your metabolism. This is best accomplished by using a program which includes a rotation of aerobic exercise 3 days per week and strength training 3 days per week.

As you can see, the most important point in selecting the right exercise workout routine is clearly defining what you want to accomplish. Once you know your fitness goals you can easily choose a routine.


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