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You Can Get Rid Of Your Fat Face Appearance

When you look in the mirror do you see a fat face staring back at you? Pictures from parties and family gatherings drive you crazy because your face always looks chubby and round. You may hate having a fat face but have never been sure how to get rid of it. Here are a few thoughts for you to consider and try.

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The Fat Face is Exactly That
We need to clarify a point here. Having a round face is not the same as having a fat face. You know your face is fat when you know it is puffy, soft, and not well defined. What you are seeing is a mixture of three things causing your face to look fat.

Excess Fat
Retained Water
Lack of Facial Muscle Tone

All of these factors can be corrected with a little effort.

The Challenge of Excess Fat in Your Face
You can probably find all kinds of advice suggesting you can get rid of fat in your face without changing the rest of your body. Do not believe it. The level of fat stored in your face will be directly proportional to the fat stored in the rest of your body. If you are overweight your best remedy is to start losing a few extra pounds with a reasonable diet. Some people lose weight in their face very early into their diet, where others struggle to lose the fat face look until later in their diet.

Each person’s body stores fat slightly differently and loses it in exactly the reverse order of how it stored the fat. If your face became fatter looking towards the last stages of gaining weight you may see changes very rapidly. Just realize you will need to lose the excess fat in order to thin your face.

Retained Water the Easiest Cause to Cure
If you are retaining extra water you face may look bloated and puffy. You may be tempted to reduce your intake of fluids to see if it helps, but the exact opposite is probably your best choice. Your body may try to hold on to excess fluids when it feels threatened by dehydration. Try increasing your intake of water while reducing your intake of soft drinks, coffee, tea, and other beverages. You may see changes in your face very rapidly if the cause of your fat face is retained fluids.

Creating a Better Toned Face
Your facial appearance is governed considerably by the tone of your facial muscles. The muscles help support your skin properly and give it greater definition. There are routines for exercising facial muscles, but the best idea is to work on overall conditioning of your body. When you exercise you will naturally grimace and make other facial movements which lead to fitter muscles in your face. A regular exercise program adds the benefit of causing you to lose excess fat and can help reduce retained water.

In the final analysis, the best cure for a fat face is to combine a healthy diet to bring your weight down, paired with drinking more water, and exercise.


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