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5 Cool Bookcase Headboard Design Ideas

For the book enthusiasts out there, you are all aware how important a bookcase is, not to mention the bookcase headboard. Now you may be thrown off at first by this thought, but you would be surprised at how involved people are when it comes to designing their bookcase headboards. There are numerous different types of designs that you can choose from, as always the style that is best for you, is simply up to you and whatever you feel will work the best in your situation.

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A Rolling Headboard

This refers to a bookcase which is wall mounted. A portion of each of the shelves has been removed and replaced with a strip of wood segments that are linked by a stretch of material across the top. This allows the segments to roll up and all for taller objects beneath them to stand the shelf without any interference. This also allows for a unique, stylized look when they are not in use.


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