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Where to Find Help with Small House Plans
There are so many great places to research and review when looking to find help with small house plans. Home building started off with building small compact houses close together in towns and neighboring cities. Then, everyone started to build larger
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How to Paint a Fiberglass Front Door
Unlike wood, a fiberglass front door offers the advantage of durability and natural insulation qualities. In addition, a fiberglass front door is not susceptible to rotting and warping, which makes it a more ideal choice when it comes to purchasing front
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3 Tips when Refinishing Antique Inlay Wood Occasional Tables
When refinishing antique inlay wood occasional tables, there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind. Here are some tips that can help you make the refinishing process go by smoothly. Tip 1 – Cover the Rest When working on just the inlay
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Home Accents
Subtle accents—like quilts, picture frames, candles, clocks and mirrors—are what turn a house into a home. It’s the combination of all the small things that give a home your personal touch. Sift through the different home décor options in this
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Interior Painting
Interior painting presents a variety of textures, styles and techniques for a homeowner to choose. The articles in this section provide general painting techniques, tips on painting various surfaces, pointers on how to prep your walls, tips on how to
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Painting Tips & Tools
Painting tools define what type of surface, technique and texture you’re trying to accomplish. The articles below will help you understand the different kinds of paint applicators, how to select quality paint, how to prevent common painting problems.
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4 Tips for Reducing Wallpaper Removal Cost
Wallpaper removal can be messy, time consuming and costly. It is possible to reduce the costs, especially if you are willing to do the work yourself. Professional Assistance The cost of using a professional to remove the wallpaper will depend on the
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What is the best way to clean insulated Roman shades
Insulated Roman shades need minimum cleaning as they are not in a position to get particularly dirty. They tend to gather dust from outside your home if you leave your windows up, as well as the dust from inside. It is important to vacuum your insulated
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