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Wallpapering Tips and Tricks
Wallpapering a room can be a time consuming job and requires attention to detail. However, the job can be made a lot easier if you understand a few tips
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What is the best way to clean insulated Roman shades
Insulated Roman shades need minimum cleaning as they are not in a position to get particularly dirty. They tend to gather dust from outside your home if you leave your windows up, as well as the dust from inside. It is important to vacuum your insulated
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5 Cool Bookcase Headboard Design Ideas
For the book enthusiasts out there, you are all aware how important a bookcase is, not to mention the bookcase headboard. Now you may be thrown off at first by this thought, but you would be surprised at how involved people are when it comes to designing
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Building a Dollhouse
The basic frame is an essential part of the dollhouse. When you make your master plans always make two just in case one gets lost or you have a professional cut them out. On the pieces of plywood measure the following dimensions; labeling them, then cut
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Adding Feng Shui to a Master Bedroom
When you add feng shui to your master bedroom, you are arranging your space so that it is in harmony with all aspects of your life. You are creating a master bedroom that is inviting, has good energy and calms you. The following are some of the more
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Decorate with Color
Painting your walls with color will enhance the atmosphere in your home, as well as stimulate various moods depending on the color you select. The articles in this section will guide you through what colors evoke particular moods, and what are considered
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How to Restore an Antique Nursery Crib
The preparation of the nursery crib is an exciting part of the process of the preparation before the little one comes. Having a baby is one of the most rewarding gifts in life. Making sure that everything is perfect, is part and parcel of the joys of
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College Dorm Furniture: How to Make Your Own Pin Up Board
Save money on your college dorm furniture budget by creating your own pin-up board. Customize your own bulletin board by making it yourself with inexpensive supplies. Follow the instructions below to build a board made of cardboard or one make of
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