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February 19 - March 19

Monday the moon starts out in Cancer in your 5th house. You’re more sensitive or nurturing towards your lover or the kids. First thing this morning the moon conjuncts Venus. You’re more nurturing towards the kids or connect you’re your lover. At 9:30am the moon opposes Pluto. Watch out for the kids trying to emotionally manipulate you about your goals or friends. At 11:30am the moon squares Uranus. Sudden bills come in for the kids which upsets you. AT 4pm the moon conjuncts Mercury. You feel like saying what’s on your mind to your lover. Then, the moon goes void of course until midnight Tuesday, so get to bed early tonight.

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Tuesday the moon continues through Cancer, but the moon is void of course until midnight, so you may oversleep this morning. Venus opposes Pluto today. In the past 10 days you’ve been obsessing on what your lover has been doing while you’re apart. At midnight the moon moves into Leo in your 6th house. You feel like getting more respect from coworkers or for your health regime.

Wednesday the moon continues through Leo. Venus squares Uranus today. You’re upset about the kids needing more money and start a fight. At 10:30am the moon squares Uranus. The kids upset you while you’re at work. At midnight the moon trines Uranus. You’re excited about health or someone in your work environment.

Thursday the moon continues through Leo. Focus today on getting more respect from coworkers.

Friday the moon continues through Leo, but the moon is void of course until 11:45am, so you may oversleep this morning. At 11:45am the moon moves into Virgo in your 7th house. You’re more talkative or logical with your honey or the public. AT 9:30pm the moon opposes Neptune. You feel your honey is being deceptive with you all night.

Saturday the moon continues through Virgo. At 8am the moon squares Mars and trines Pluto. You fight with your honey about home or family, but you’re feeling great about major changes or improvements in your goals or friends.

Sunday the moon continues through Virgo. At noon the moon squares the sun. Your honey and family are getting on your nerves. Then, the moon goes void of course until 8:30pm, so you’ll want to get away from the family or honey in order to have fun. At 8:30pm the moon moves into Libra in your 8th house. You feel like improving business/joint finances.

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