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minnachandran - jakarta 23-Feb-2006
i tried saving the mp3 by going to the song i like and save target but it doesnt save the song there is some problem on your site please advise

nikhil - noioda 23-Feb-2006
your siye not downloading the songs

nazia - yahoo 23-Feb-2006
this is a very very nice song would u like it u play this sone and injoy bring me this favor like it by

vaijayanti - india 23-Feb-2006
old songs from movies like rajkumar,love in tokyo,love in paris,jhuk gaya aasman.

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sandeep - mumbai 23-Feb-2006
song from khal nayak

JavedBC - Lahore, Pakistan 23-Feb-2006
Could you please arrange to include the songs of the following movies :
Aar ya paar
Teray meray sapnay
Pehli nazar mai
Kaun Kesay
also I didnt find the following song from the film Sur :
Bund hontoon say aik baat kehni thi menay

priyal s thakar - ahmedabad 23-Feb-2006
tum mile dil khile from criminal
kache dhaage title
new movies like aksar should be added

imran - karachi, pakistan 23-Feb-2006
i entertain to listen the songs.

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