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Genre: Pop/World/Reggae, Film/Bollywood, India
Hometown: India

Heís probably the only Indian singer to have made a name for himself in every genre of popular Indian music. However it is significant to note that Hariharanís entry into the entertainment world as a vocalist came about because of his passion for the ghazal. Born on April 3rd, 1955, Hariharan grew up in Bombay and has a Bachelors degree in science and law. The son of renowned Carnatic vocalists, Shrimati Alamelu and the late H A S Mani, Hariharan naturally inherited his parents' musical talents. He initially trained under his mother acquiring a very basic knowledge of Carnatic music. However his parents bore a very open mind toward music and the young Hariharan drifted toward learning Hindustani Sangeet as well.

Very obviously influenced by the ghazals of Mehdi Hassan and Jagjit Singh, he started his training in ghazal singing from Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan. It meant putting in as many as nine hours of practice daily as well as taking formal lessons in spoken Urdu to perfect his command over the medium of poetry. The effort paid off and today his impeccable Urdu diction results in his shows being huge successes in places like Lucknow - the heartland of Urdu poetry. For a singer with South Indian origins this truly is a commendable effort. Hariharan's affinity for ghazals lies in the fact that ghazals offer, in his words, "immense scope for innovation".

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