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Josh Duhamel Will Get Fergie a Push Present

Fergie's husband Josh Duhamel is planning to reward her for delivering their baby with a "push present" although he is undecided on what the gift will be.

Fergie's husband plans to get her a "push present".

The 38-year-old singer, who is expecting a boy with husband Josh Duhamel, will be rewarded for delivering their baby with a gift from her loving hubby, although he hasn't worked out what he's going to get her yet.

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He told People magazine: "Yes, I will be getting her a push present. I just don't know quite what yet.

"You got Christmas, you got birthdays, you got Valentine's, you got Mother's Day, you got every other thing in between ... I don't know who came up with this push present idea, but I think it's probably a female."

Fergie - real name Stacy Ann Ferguson - recently gave Josh a present of her own and changed her surname to match his.

Although she wanted the gesture to be a surprise Josh found out through the media.

He added: "We've talked about it forever - she wanted to do this years ago. I think it's very sweet. It takes a lot of work for a girl to change her name.

"I didn't know, she was actually going to do it as a surprise. Who knows over at whatever office you go into to do that, somebody over there must have leaked it."

Fergie's star-studded baby shower, at which guests will include Kelly Osbourne, Julianne Hough and Ryan Murphy.


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