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Zeba Ali

Admit it girls, we all fancy our celebs. The glitz of their glamorous world attracts us - what they wear, where they shop, where they hangout, what they dream of, their love-interests, their favourite things - we love to get the scoop. Keeping this in mind, from time to time is going to share some interesting tete-a-tete with popular celebrities.

This week meet fashion model and actor Zeba Ali.
While she might be the namesake of one of the most beautiful and seasoned film actresses of Pakistan, Zeba Ali has been making waves ever since she has entered the fashion industry and showbiz. She has worked with various top notch fashion designers and photographers. And in a short span of time Zeba has made quite a name for herself. Along with ramp modelling and photo shoots she has a number of TV serials and soaps to her credit as well. Her drama serials include 'Man O Salwa', 'Aania, 'Teray Anay Ke Baad', 'Tum Ho Keh Chup', 'Meri Behen Meri Dewrani' etc. Let's take a look at her likes and dislikes...

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My biggest assets are:
The experiences that I have had in life.

I wish I could be:
I'm happy who I am.

One person I would like to dine out with:
I have not seen him yet.

My worst nightmare:
Is to lose grip on myself

My definition of love is:
Everyone has different ways of experiencing love.

One thing I hate about myself:
I think way too much.

Something I would like to forget:
Yes! There are plenty of things but I can't mention them here.

My strength:
My strength is my belief which is every clear.

I regret:
When I waste my time.

I feel over the cloud nine when:
I get what I want

Something I am really possessive about:
I am very overprotective about everything that belongs to me.

When feeling low I prefer:
Listening to music! It is the only thing that can totally cheer me up.

The most unforgettable moment of my life was:
When I was in Mecca

What touches me the most?
Any sacred teaching touches my heart.

If I could be another person I would like to be:
This is tricky. I am happy with myself and I have never thought of being somebody else, in fact I am still exploring myself.

What bores me the most:
Sitting and doing nothing

My message:
Never get too busy in making a living, that you forget to make a life. It's important for everyone to understand the importance of life.

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