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Microsoft Caves to Users on Windows 7 Security
Windows 7's vaunted security is flawed. The good news is that, despite initial responses denying it, Microsoft announced today that it plans to deliver a comprehensive fix soon. After a week of denying that the default setting for Windows 7's User
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Windows 7 Packaging Includes XP Upgrades
Microsoft has made Windows 7's packaging official. There will be six editions of Windows 7, which could potentially lead to the same customer confusion that erupted on the release of Windows Vista two years ago. The software giant also confirmed this
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Is a Windows 7 'Release Candidate' Near
With availability of the Windows 7 beta slated to end less than two weeks from now, the Microsoft executive in charge said Friday that the new operating system is nearing the final testing phase. That may be a strong hint that Windows 7 is on, or even
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Microsoft's Tough Quarter Sinks Tech Stocks
Worries that technology spending is falling victim to the year-long recession sent the Nasdaq skidding on Thursday, as strong results from Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) mattered little in the face of warnings from a half-dozen technology names. Microsoft
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Microsoft Cuts Buildings to Spare Staff
Microsoft does not appear to be considering a major round of layoffs at this point, despite a string of rumors floating around on the blogosphere, some of them openly hoping for them. Although that expectation could change, right now the company appears
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Will '7' Be Windows' Lucky Number
Testers who were able to successfully download and install what promises to be the largest public beta in Windows' history – Windows 7 -- have hit their share of minor snags so far, with emphasis on the "minor" part. It's fair to say that Microsoft's
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Ballmer to CES: Windows 7 Beta Off and Running
Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer announced Wednesday night that the long-awaited public beta test of Windows 7 has begun – although consumers will not be able to download it until Friday. Beyond that, though, Ballmer's first ever keynote speech at this
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Windows 7 Beta On Tap for Ballmer's CES Keynote
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer plans to announce the official start of public beta testing for Windows 7 at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas Wednesday evening. Beyond that however, sources say, many of the company's other plans for
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