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Will Windows 7 Be a PC Mover
No two recessions are the same, and the shakedown hitting the U.S., indeed the global economy, is very different from the one experienced in 2000-2002. That was a powerful combination of the Silicon Valley getting hit directly from the dot-bomb implosion
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Microsoft Sees Opportunity in Mobile Phone Data Storage
Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) will unveil a new service next week that will sync data between mobile phones and the Web, including backing up and restoring phone information. Microsoft's My Phone service will be discussed in greater detail at next week's
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Microsoft Ties SharePoint to Enterprise Search
In a move to further penetrate the enterprise search market, Microsoft today unveiled FAST Search for SharePoint, which will offer high-end enterprise search capabilities in connection with its widely deployed SharePoint server. FAST Search is built on
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Microsoft Won't Stop in 'Albany' After April
Microsoft disclosed Wednesday that it will cut off its Equipt subscription service – formerly codenamed 'Albany' -- for Office and Live OneCare as of April 30. After that date, the copies of Office Home and Student that are part of the service will
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Microsoft Mum on Seeing Green From Azure
Microsoft hasn't revealed yet how much its cloud services -- named Azure -- will cost customers and partners, but the company plans to reveal that information in the near future, an executive told financial analysts Wednesday. That disclosure came while
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Microsoft Looks to 'Elevate America'
Microsoft has launched an ambitious program designed to help provide technology training to millions of citizens. The news comes during a growing, worldwide economic crisis that has seen rising unemployment in the U.S. Elevate America, announced
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Windows 7's Worst-Kept Secret? Its Release Date
Microsoft may be preparing to release the first and possibly the only "release candidate" for Windows 7 in March or April, the final stage in the development cycle. Thus far, Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) has maintained the party line that Windows 7 will ship
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Microsoft Proposes a More Secure Browser
Microsoft Research, in conjunction with researchers at several prominent technology-oriented universities, has published a thesis on what a new secure Web browser should look like. The paper addresses a number of security issues that have dogged browsers
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